How to fix 99 percent GPU usage in Crucible

Poor optimization is pushing GPUs to 99 percent usage.

Image via Amazon Games

The first hours of Crucible’s release are already off to a rocky start. Plagued with error codes and login problems, players are also reporting GPU usage reaching 99 percent while just in menus. We experienced this on our computer, and it’s an easy, immediate fix.

Crucible is not a graphics-intensive game, so most graphics cards should handle the workload without breaking a sweat. Yet, there are early reports of GPUs reaching 99 percent use while just sitting in menus, even with high-quality graphics cards that can run significantly more demanding games. The problem is the potential for overheating because of overuse that could result in damage to a perfectly good GPU.

The problem stems from poor optimization in the game, not your graphics cards. All graphics cards of varying quality and strength are having this issue: from 2080 Supers to 2080 Ti cards.

There is a quick fix to protect your card and bring the use down to 40 percent:

In the game’s video settings, cap your FPS at 60 and turn on V-Sync. You should see your GPU usage drop from 99 to 40 percent or lower.

You can see in the screenshot that our GPU usage goes from 99 to 37 percent immediately after hitting apply in our settings. The PC in question uses an RTX 2080 Super.

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Those who want to run the game at higher FPS will need to wait until a patch is released that optimizes the game.