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How to fix Diablo Immortal connection issues

Stay awhile and listen.

Diablo Immortal, like most Blizzard launch titles, is having some connection problems. While the game has launched early in some regions for phones, if you are able to download and install it, you may run into various problems. While not every solution presented is foolproof, these are the tricks we’ve discovered to fix the Diablo Immortal connection issues.

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One of the earliest issues you may run into is the failure to connect your account to your Diablo Immortal client. This unfortunately has no solution — you can try relaunching the program, but this is primarily on the servers being slammed by the number of people trying to connect and login. It’s best to play through the game and periodically try to connect your account after some time has passed — just don’t delete your game or risk losing your progress.

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Another issue you may come across is being stuck on connecting to Diablo Immortal servers. Again, this is due to a massive amount of players trying to access the servers. Your options are to relaunch the game and hope you get in, but there isn’t much of a fix to this one either. However, if you are attempting to play Diablo Immortal while simultaneously downloading all of the resources, you may wish to pause those downloads. Downloading all that raw data can affect your connection and make it more difficult to actually play the game.

Finally, your game may freeze while loading assets after selecting a character and customizing it. If the game hangs for longer than a minute, you will have to relaunch the game and try to log back in. This could be due to your phone not quite being up to snuff, but it also happens on high-end phones. Some users have stated that by waiting a significant amount of time, the game unfreezes, so it may be worth setting the phone down and taking care of those chores you’ve been neglecting.

Of course, we should also note that some European countries just can’t play the game at all currently. This is due to lootbox laws in countries like Belgium and the Netherlands.

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