How to fix Disney Dreamlight Valley connectivity issues

More issues to deal with.

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If you have been playing Disney Dreamlight Valley since the launch, you will know that the game has had its fair share of issues; especially on the Nintendo Switch. There have been a decent number of bugs and glitches to worry about as you live your life around your Disney pals. Luckily, the devs have had time to handle most of them, but it seems like the Scar’s Kingdom update has brought a few back. If you have been struggling with connectivity issues, we can help. Below, we will show you how to fix the Disney Dreamlight Valley connectivity issues.

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How to fix connection issues in Disney Dreamlight Valley

With the newest update, Scar’s Kingdom, there have been many people who have reported connection issues when launching the game that leave them unable to open the blue chests in the game or access the Star Path features and rewards. Luckily, if you are having trouble connecting to the game, you can still enjoy it in offline mode.

As it looks right now, the team behind Disney Dreamlight Valley is aware of the connection issues that are plaguing the game currently and is working to fix them. You can also visit the official Disney Dreamlight Valley website to check the server status and see the latest patch notes. The devs have also set up a Trello board that you can actively watch to keep track of the issues as they are ongoing.

If you are having issues with staying connected or connecting to the servers in general, it does help to simply go to the event menu and hit the connect button. While it may take some time to work, hitting the connect button has proven to help us reconnect whenever it gets lost. Restarting the game has also been proven to help with the issue in the past.