How to Fix Error Code 208 in Rocket Racing

Some Rocket Racing players are encountering Error Code 208 and this guide tells you how you can potentially fix it.


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There are multiple error codes that you may encounter while playing an online game, and Fortnite’s Rocket Racing mode is no different. Many players have been encountering Error Code 208 when they attempt to play, preventing them from properly enjoying it.

Error Code 208 has been popping up for several Rocket Racing players, and knowing the best way to handle it can be difficult. There are a few ways to tackle this error code and several things you should know about it. Here’s how you can fix Error Code 208 while playing Rocket Racing.

What is Error Code 208 in Rocket Racing

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Error Code 208 is a matchmaking error you might get while playing Fortnite Rocket Racing. When you see this error, you’ll be pushed out of the game, and you’ll be kicked from the servers, preventing you from playing.

Unfortunately, Error Code 208 merely means that the servers are running into some problems. So many people are trying to play the game, so they can’t get you into the game, preventing you from joining any of the races and trying it out for yourself. Our best advice is to consistently continue trying to play Rocket Racing until you get into the game. Although you received Error Code 208, the Rocket Racing servers are working, and everything should be fine. The problem is the influx of players trying to get into matches.

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Some advice I would give you is to exit out of the application, wait five minutes, and then fire up Rocket Racing once again to try getting into the game. This might give the servers enough time to relax, and you should be able to jump back into the game. This won’t always work because of the number of people trying to play Rocket Racing, but it’s worth a shot, and it has worked for other games in Fortnite in the past.

It all comes down to playing the game when there are less people in the game. Error Code 208 in Rocket Racing means many people are enjoying the game, and that’s a good thing. I recommend that you continue to try to get into the game. I ran into this problem a few times myself, but I was able to get into the game after 10 minutes of waiting. Although this is frustrating, the servers are working, which is always good for online games like Fortnite or LEGO Fortnite.