How to Get the Free Rocket Racing Fortnite Skin Jackie

Looking to get the free Jackie skin in Fortnite? Hop into the new Rocket Racing mode and follow this guide to see how!

jackei free rocket racing fortnite skin
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Fortnite Chapter 5 introduces a few new permanent game modes, and Epic Games is offering players a chance to nab free skins for checking them out! Here is how to get the free Jackie skin from the Rocket Racing mode in Fortnite.

Rocket Racing is – as the name suggests – a new racing mode in Fortnite. Players can use different cars and cosmetics from Rocket League in a fast-paced mode that is all about finishing first. Of course, racing may not be your cup of tea, so Epic Games offers free skin for those who reach a certain level in the new mode.

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How Do I Get The Free Rocket Racing Skin in Fortnite?

Fortnite players will have to reach Gold rank in Rocket Racing mode to earn the Free Jackie Skin. This is done by playing matches and placing well to improve your rank.

If the ranks are similar to Rocket League, Gold is fairly standard and should be easy to reach, even if you aren’t the best racing on the track.

When Does The Rocket Racing Mode Come to Fortnite?

Rocket Racing is set to debut in Fortnite on December 8. This means players won’t be able to earn the free Jackie skin until then. However, between the brand new map, tons of new mechanics, and the LEGO Mode releasing soon, the racing simulator will be here in no time!

How To Reach Gold in Rocket Racing

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While we don’t have all the details just yet, we can assume players will earn their rank through playing. Performing well will increase the player’s rank, while a poor performance will detract points. Continue to perform well in races, and you should earn Gold Rank without much effort.

Again, if Rocket League ranks are anything to go by, Gold Rank is the third rank in the tier list, right above silver and bronze. It can be hard to climb out of for inexperienced players, but it’s easy to get into. For anyone looking to snag the free Jackie Fortnite skin, it shouldn’t be too hard.