How to fix Overwatch 2 causing computer shutdown issues

Overwatch 2 can’t catch a break.

Image via Blizzard

Since its launch, players have been experiencing issues with Overwatch 2 across all platforms. From long queue times to a bug where players will accidentally buy skins when they’re just trying to use the in-game chat, the game’s launch has been everything but pretty. While Blizzard is attempting to iron out these problems and is compensating players for the rocky launch with free cosmetics and double XP, issues continue to arise. A new issue that some players are experiencing is a PC-exclusive one, where their computer will shut down on them when trying to run the game.

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How to prevent your computer from shutting down or crashing when playing Overwatch 2

If your computer is shutting down while running Overwatch 2, the developer has suggested making sure that your system meets the minimum requirements for the game. If your computer does meet these requirements, your next steps would be to update your drivers and OS to their latest versions to improve stability and resolve any compatibility issues.

Another solution you can try is to close other applications that could be taking up resources. An uncommon issue that can cause computers to shut down is memory overload. So running too many programs at one time, especially a memory hog like Google Chrome could cause your PC to crash. The last suggestion that Blizzard posted on its support page is to run its official repair tool and fix any broken game files you may have.

Now, if none of these solutions do the trick, don’t worry, you’re not alone. There are other PC players out there who are expressing their frustration on the Overwatch 2 section of Blizzard’s forums about this. Members of the community have stated that while running the game, their computer’s temperature skyrockets and because of the high temperature, their computer shuts down in order to protect the CPU. If this is true, this is an issue with the game itself and not with your computer.