How to fix the Failed to connect to server error in Dark and Darker

What type of problems are you having trying to play the game?

Image via Ironmace

Dark and Darker is a difficult dungeon-crawling adventure for a small team of players to grab as much gear as possible and survive the horde of undead creatures and human players who are also gunning for a quick exit. However, there have been a handful of errors with this game, and one of the more challenging ones plaguing players is the “Failed to connect to a server” error. Here’s what you need to know about how to fix the Failed to connect to server error in Dark and Darker.

What can you do about the Failed to Connect to Server Error in Dark and Darker?

The first thing you want to do regarding any server connections is to see what is happening with the Dark and Darker servers. There’s a strong possibility that the developer behind the game, Ironmace Games, is having trouble, and it’s likely trying to wait for the servers to restart.

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You can check the Dark and Darker server status by checking out the team’s Twitter page and see what they’re talking about. More likely than not, the team has shared that the servers are down for one reason or another, such as they’re working on a hotfix or some other problem on their end.

If you don’t see a problem like this appearing on the team’s page, the next step is to check out the Dark and Darker Discord page and ask if others are also experiencing the same issues. If they are, the problem might still be on the developer’s end, and waiting it out is your best answer.

When the problem is only happening to you, we’re going to recommend that you shut down Steam, restart the client, and see if you can bring the game back up. This might take you a minute to run through, and it could show there’s an update that you need to complete before playing the game. Typically, these problems center around a hotfix that the Ironmace Games team is working on, and you won’t be able to play the game until you have this download. If you’re still encountering problems, the next step is to uninstall Dark and Darker, reinstall it, and see if this solves the issue.

Most of the problems stem from the development team not having the game servers up, so frequently check Twitter and speak with other Dark and Darker players to see if they have the same issues.