How to fix the friends not showing up error in Overwatch 2

Get your friend’s list back in Overwatch 2.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

With Overwatch 1 becoming Overwatch 2, there have been a few problems with the process. When some players jump into the game, they cannot look through the main menu to find their friends on their friend list, preventing them from joining games or even starting parties. Overwatch 2 is best played with a small group, which can ruin the experience. Here’s what you need to know about how to fix your friends not showing up error on your friend list in Overwatch 2.

Why can’t you see your friends in Overwatch 2?

This is a common problem in Overwatch 2. Unfortunately, the only fix we’ve found to help resolve it is to close out of your current Overwatch 2 session and load back into it. It typically appears when the servers are extremely high and multiple players are trying to connect to the game simultaneously. If you encounter this issue, there is likely a queue happening in Overwatch 2, which means getting back into the game will take some time.

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Thankfully, after restarting the game once, the friend list did return, and players could send out requests for others to join their party. Sometimes, this error is also closely associated with Overwatch 2 friend list showing that players haveĀ different versions of Overwatch 2, preventing them from making parties and playing a game.

If this problem persists, this could be a more significant issue for your Overwatch 2 account. We recommend reaching out to the Overwatch 2 support page onĀ Blizzard’s website. The Support Team should be able to assist you and provide detailed instructions on how to best handle this situation. This will have to happen through a ticket, which could take several days. You might be able to fix the issue by logging in and out, but it could return in future Overwatch 2 play sessions.