How to fix the inventory bug in Sons of the Forest

It won’t let you open your inventory.

Image via Endnight Games

In Sons of the Forest, you can access your items by opening the inventory by pressing the ‘I’ key. This is where all of your items are stored, and you can access it whenever you like. However, there are players that have been facing a problem with the inventory, as they are unable to open it no matter how hard they try. In this guide, we are going to talk about how to fix the inventory bug in Sons of the Forest so you can start accessing your precious items again.

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How to fix inventory not opening in Sons of the Forest

Restart your game

This is the quickest and easiest method of solving the inventory bug in Sons of the Forest. All you have to do is close the game and start it again. However, it is important to remember that you must save your game before restarting it. Otherwise, you will lose all of the progress you made after the last save. You simply need to visit a shelter and save your game there.

Get some sleep

In some cases, the inventory starts opening again after you sleep. For this, you need to head to your shelter again and sleep. We suggest you sleep three to four times if the problem does not get fixed on the first try. Keep in mind that sleeping multiple times will also make your character hungry.

Update the game

The developers are always trying to fix as many bugs and glitches as they can. This is done through various updates. If the developers have noticed the issue, then they will most likely fix it through a new patch. The quickest way to find out about a new update is by restarting the game. If there is a new patch available, the game will tell you to update first before playing again.

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Lower the graphics settings

While this may sound like an odd solution, lowering the graphics settings can also fix the inventory bug. Simply go to the in-game settings, and reduce the graphics settings to medium if you have set them to high. Then, try opening the inventory again. If the problem is fixed, you can go back and set everything to high.