How to Fix the Palworld “Connection Timed Out” Error

When players get hit by the Palworld “Connection Timed Out Error” it can really ruin the session they were about to have in it.

fix the palworld connection timed out error

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Just as with the most common issues online games face, the Palworld “Connection Timed Out” error can change a player’s night. It can take them from looking forward to enjoying the game they love to being struck with crushing disappointment unless they have a fix.

All online games have their error codes, glitches, and issues. The Palworld “Connection Timed Out” error is one of the worst that can hit a group of friends hoping to play together because it spells doom for their session. It means they won’t be able to enjoy the game as a group and will have to resort to solo grinding while in a Discord chat until they can fix the issue. Luckily, there’s a straightforward fix that will help anyone when they’re hit with this error.

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How Do You Fix the Palworld “Connection Timed Out” Error?

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To fix the Palworld “Connection Timed Out” error, players must wait for the developer to confirm that the multiplayer servers have been stabilized and are running smoothly. This error is linked to Palworld’s multiplayer servers, and they’re the most fragile of all.

Some players have reported that they’ve fixed this error by restarting the game or the device they’re playing on. However, in our experience, this error is caused by server issues and won’t be fixed by turning anything off and on again.

What is the Palworld “Connection Timed Out” Error?

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The Palworld “Connection Has Timed Out” error is caused by an issue between the player’s device and Palworld’s servers. The most common cause is Palworld’s servers being down or experiencing an outage. When this happens, it’s almost always broadcast by the developer, so it’s worth keeping an eye out to see if an outage is on the way.

This error only affects multiplayer servers. Solo players will be able to enjoy Palworld just fine while there’s a multiplayer server outage. If there’s a wider issue, it’ll stop the game from working for all players, and that’s a much bigger problem.

How to Check the Palworld Server Status

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Players can check the server status for Palworld by following and monitoring the game’s official Twitter account. This is where all errors and server outages are announced, so it’s where players will be able to track the error they’re experiencing.

At the time of writing, January 21, 2024, the multiplayer servers for Palworld are experiencing an outage. This is because millions of players are flooding them all at once, and the developer wasn’t prepared for just how many people wanted to play. This issue should be resolved quickly, but so far it’s been almost 24 hours without one, and players aren’t able to get into each other’s games still.

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