How to fix the Riverway bridge in Garden Story

Don’t waste too much of your time figuring it out.


Screenshot by Gamepur

One of the most common tasks you’ll have to complete in Garden Story is fixing bridges. To do this, you need to hit glass lenses around the area the bridge is located in a certain order. However, that order isn’t easy to work out or remember, which is why we’ve put together this guide for fixing the Riverway bridge.

How to fix the Riverway bridge

You must hit the glass lenses in the Riverway location in a specific order to fix the bridge. There are four lenses that you need to hit, and the following shows you the order in which to hit them.

First, hit the bottom lens that’s between two more.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Second, hit the lens on the bottom right.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Third, hit the lens on the bottom left.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Fourth, hit the lens at the top.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Finally, hit the lens on the bottom left again, and the bridge will be fixed.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Note that you may have to repeat this process throughout your playthrough. This is because those living in The Grove will always have requests for you, and as long as you keep completing them, they’ll keep finding things for you to do, such as fixing bridges.