How to fix the stuck in Yggdrasil bug in God of War Ragnarok

A glitch most common during Old Friends.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Yggdrasil, the “realm between realms,” is basically a loading screen in disguise in God of War Ragnarok. Every time you use a Mystic Gateway to travel from one realm to another, you have to travel to Yggdrasil first, and run in a circle while your PlayStation loads your destination realm. Once it’s loaded, a new Mystic Gateway will appear, and you can pass through it into the next realm. However, for some players, the Mystic Gateway they need to get out of Yggdrasil never appears, and they end up stuck there. This can happen at any time in the game, but seems particularly common during the Old Friends goal, for some reason.

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What to do if you get stuck in Yggdrasil in God of War Ragnarok

The first thing to try if you get stuck in Yggdrasil, as with most bugs and glitches in God of War Ragnarok, is to restart from your last checkpoint. This has been enough to fix the problem for some players. Failing that, load an autosave or manual save, and try the Mystic Gateway again. This might not work the first time you try it, but many players have reported success after trying it several times. It can also help to restart the game completely — again, try it several times — or even restarting your PlayStation. If restarting doesn’t help after several attempts, try shutting it down completely, then starting it up. This can sometimes be more effective in clearing problems than simply restarting.

If you’re still having no luck, or if it’s late in the evening and nearly bedtime, then the most effective way to fix the stuck in Yggdrasil bug is to uninstall God of War Ragnarok, then reinstall it from scratch. This won’t delete your saves, so you won’t lose your progress, but downloading it all over again will take several hours, which is why this is a good bedtime option.