How to fix toggle crouch not working in Overwatch 2

Sneaky and stealthy.

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Crouching in Overwatch 2 won’t be the single tool needed to help you climb your rank, but it can prove to have its benefits. It quiets your footsteps to help you sneak around for flanking attacks and makes a smaller target for the enemy to shoot. However, some players are noticing they can’t toggle their crouch for some of their heroes. Here is how to fix your toggle crouch not working in Overwatch 2.

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How to get toggle crouch to work again in Overwatch 2

If you have noticed your toggle crouch input is not working in Overwatch 2, you need to open up your settings and check your key or controller bindings. Go to the Controls section and scroll down until you find Crouch. Make sure it is assigned to the proper button you want. Additionally, be sure to go into the Communication section and make sure your Push to Talk isn’t set as the same thing, as that will take precedence over crouching.

While you are looking at your controls be sure to swap between your heroes to see if any have specific bindings on them are separate from the others. If you have changed anything about them in the past, they will have a marking showing they have customized controls from the rest of the roster.

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Obviously, doing all of this in the middle of a match is not advisable, as it can take a long time. We recommend jumping into the Practice Range while you do this to test out all of your controls and make sure everything feels right with your favorite heroes.