How to gain Health or Shields from Slurp at Slurpy Swamp in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3

Slurp it up.


Slurpy Swamp has returned to Fortnite. The floodwaters have gone down enough to reveal the Slurp factory, and while it is a little damaged from the water, the entire area has held up very well. One of the Chapter 2 Season 3 Week 7 challenges is to gain health or shields from Slurp Slurpy Swamp. 

Slurpy Swamp Location

There are a couple of ways to do this, but the main one is to smash up the Slurp barrels that will be scattered all over the factory. When you break them, they will explode, covering you with Slurp and giving you back some health and shields.

On the bottom floor of the factory, you can also find some massive silos filled with Slurp. You can break the tops off of these and crouch in them, which will give you a tick of shields or health every second. This takes a little longer compared to breaking the smaller barrels.

Finally, there are blue mushrooms in the factor that have been grown in Slurp. At the moment, we do not know if these will count towards the challenge, but it could be worth a shot.

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