How to gain more health in Cult of the Lamb

Your cult needs a healthy leader.

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Although much of your time in Cult of the Lamb is spent organizing your base and caring for (or taking advantage of) your flock of followers, your ultimate goal is to invade the lands of old gods to free your own deity. To do this, you’ll need to progress through a series of rooms to reach the boss at the end of a dungeon. You also need to it all without dying. Luckily, there are a few different ways to make yourself a bit more durable during your crusades, some of which are permanent, and others of which are more temporary.

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How to increase your maximum health

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The best way to ensure you have more health any time you delve into the territory of a rival god is to increase your maximum health permanently. You can do this by leading sermons at your Temple. Doing this will allow you to unlock permanent upgrades for The Lamb. One of these upgrades (which appears in the tree twice) is called Hearts of the Faithful, and will grant you an extra half heart permanently.

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You can also increase your maximum health during runs, although this will only last until you return to your base. There are quite a few options for doing this, but most come from Tarot Card upgrades, which you can find from the shopkeeper or from chests. A couple of possible cards are shown above. The left card will grant a blue heart, which is temporary, meaning that once it’s gone it can’t be healed. The right card grants half a red heart, which can be healed.

How to heal damage

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There are quite a few ways to heal hearts after taking damage in runs. The main way, though, is by heading to rooms and the map marked with hearts. In those rooms, you’ll find Ratoo, who can heal you back to your maximum number of hearts. You can also heal with the effects of some Tarot Cards, which may cause some enemies to drop hearts when they die. Alternately, you can also use Vampiric weapons, which have a chance of healing you upon hitting enemies.