How to unlock new weapons, abilities, and curses in Cult of the Lamb

Hail whoever is willing to listen.

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The rogue-like indie Cult of the Lamb has players attempt to manage a cult while usurping the Old Gods. It’s difficult, humorous, and there’s more than a few moments available for reflection while players strive for ever-stronger unlocks.

There are two primary means of unlocking mechanics within Cult of the Lamb: through Devotion, which involves having cultists pray at the shrine, and holding sermons. While gaining Devotion will allow for building unlocks for the cult, such as the Outhouse, holding sermons will give the Lamb greater abilities within Crusades.

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Getting unlocks for Crusades

The only way to unlock permanent upgrades for Crusades, when the Lamb move up north into the Forest of the Old Gods, is through holding sermons. These will give the Lamb more power for the Red Crown, ultimately offering unlocks for stronger weapons, sorceries, and Tarot cards within Crusades.

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Holding sermons wantonly will only waste this opportunity, however. As with most things, there is an appropriate time and place.

When to hold a sermon

Players will want to wisely choose the proper timing for sermons within Cult of the Lamb. If many cultists have sour moods, through a recent death or large amounts of uncleanliness, players will note that they get less power from sermons than usual. Prior to beginning the sermon of the day, read a few minds of your cultists: if there’s a widespread issue, they’ll let you know.

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Check your cult hunger and cleanliness bubbles, and attempt to bring up the mood a bit prior to launching a sermon if its possible. For later upgrades, squeezing every drop of power from each sermon (while your cult struggles) is the path to victory, so get used to managing expectations and happiness before attempting to exploit your followers.