Warframe: How to Get Common Avichaea Tags

The Common Avichaea Tags can be a challenge to find in Warframe, and this guide shows you how to get them and where to find them.

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In Warframe, you will need Common Avichaea Tags to rank up with the Entrati Syndicate. These tags will also earn you various other unique bonuses and special gear.

The tags will also help you make parts for Citrine and Deimos-related items and Necramech components. Earning these tags requires some hunting work, but it is definitely worth it for those who put in the time and effort. Below is everything players need to know about getting Common Avichaea Tags in Warframe.

Where to find Common Avichaea Tags in Warframe

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Before you can begin searching for Common Avichaea Tags, you must complete the Heart of Deimos quest in Warframe. Once you complete the quest, you need to visit “Son” in the Necralisk Hub and pick up essential items. The first piece of equipment you’ll need is a Tranq Rifle that costs 500 Standing. You must purchase an Avichaea Echo-Lure from the same shop for 1000 Standing. You then need to speak with Mother and complete bounties in the Cambion Drift open world to earn standing.

From here, continue speaking with Mother and completing bounties while in the Cambion Drift open-world region to increase your standing in Warframe. Once you have both items, you must equip the Tranq Rifle and Avichaea Lure in your Gear wheel. Now, you’re ready to catch the main prize that gives you access to the Common Avichaea tags.

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How to Catch a Common Avichaea in Warframe

Head out to the Cambion Drift, and equip the Tranq Rifle. Switch to the Avichaea Echo Lure. When you access the mini-map, you will see many blue diamond claw marks on the map. These symbols represent hunting sites for Avichaea to hunt, and you should be able to see them nearly everywhere in this region. You can expect o rotate around the entire area to find them, so you won’t ever feel too pressured about where you need to go.

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When you get to the hunting grounds, use the Echo Lure to signal the bird while playing Warframe. When the Avichaea calls out to you, repeat the Avichaea’s call as shown on the screen. After doing so, equip your Trang Rifle and look up where you can find the birds in the air; they’re going to be floating at a great distance. You want to line up your shot because they will fly away if you miss.

If you’re successful, the Avichaea will fall to the ground, and you can collect the specimen. Bring it to Son back at the Necralisk to add an Avichaea Tag to your collection in Warframe.

You can then trade these tags for standing with this faction or spend them as a resource to level up the faction. Using a Warframe with invisibility, like Ash and Ivara, will make hunting and collecting these tags a much easier task.