How to get 200 health and armor in GTA Vice City Definitive Edition

Increase your health and armor to the maximum possible.

Image via Rockstar Games

To get 200 health and armor in GTA Vice City: Definitive Edition, you have to get 100% completion. This doesn’t mean completing the main story, and it doesn’t mean getting all of the trophies or achievements. It means getting 100% completion in your in-game stats. That means doing pretty much everything in the game apart from maxing out your Criminal Rating and Media Attention Level.

So, to get 100% completion in GTA Vice City: Definitive Edition, you have to:

  • Complete all story missions
  • Complete all asset missions (you’ll know an asset is complete when you can collect money from it, except Phil Cassidy, from whom you can buy weapons once complete)
    • Complete The ‘Pole Position Club’ by spending $300 on private dances (enter the club, go through the doorway in the far corner, enter the last booth on the right, and just wait)
    • Complete the Cherry Popper Ice Cream Factory by selling 50 “ice creams” in one run of the Distribution mission
    • Complete the Sunshine Autos Import Garage by collecting the cars on all four lists
    • Complete the Checkpoint Charlie Boatyard mission
    • Complete all missions for Tommy Vercetti (marked with a V), Interglobal Studios, Kaufman Cabs, the Malibu Club, and Phil Cassidy
  • Complete all missions for Umberto Robina (Cubans), Auntie Poulet (Haitians), Love Fist, Mitch Baker (Bikers)
  • Complete all assassination missions (marked with a phone icon)
  • Finish 1st in all Vice Street Racer races at Sunshine Autos
  • Complete Hotring (finish 1st), Bloodring (get timer up to 1 minute), and Dirtring (collect all checkpoints) at the Hyman Memorial Stadium
  • Complete the Chopper Checkpoint missions in Ocean Beach, Vice Point, Little Haiti, and Downtown (no time limits)
  • Complete PCJ Playground, Cone Crazy, Trial By Dirt, and Test Track (no time limits)
  • Complete RC Bandit Race, RC Baron Race, and RC Raider Pickup (you have to finish 1st in both races)
  • Complete 100 fares in a taxi (doesn’t have to be in one run), complete Level 10 in Pizza Boy, and complete Level 12 in Paramedic, Firefighter, and Vigilante/Brown Thunder
  • Score at least 45 points on the rifle range at the Downtown Ammu-Nation
  • Collect 100 Hidden Packages
  • Complete 35 Rampages
  • Complete 36 Unique Jumps
  • Buy 3321 Vice Point, Links View Apartment, El Swanko Casa, 1102 Washington Street, Ocean Heights Apartment, Skumole Shack, and Hyman Condo
  • Rob 15 stores

Your progress on most of these goals and your overall completion percentage are tracked on the stats screen. Be mentally prepared to reach 99% and not be able to figure out what you’ve missed. It happens to almost everyone. But double-check. You have missed something.