How to get a blade in Countdown in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Here’s how to find a box cutter and craft a glass shiv.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Countdown is the 17th and final mission in the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 campaign, and it’s one in which John “Soap” McTavish continues his unfortunate habit of losing all his weapons at the same time, just when there are hostile enemies everywhere.

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Once you’ve avoided getting stuck in an elevator and heroically stopped the missile from hitting D.C., your next task is to eliminate Hassan and his men. But with what? A stern talking to? That’s just not going to cut it. And by “it,” we mean the throats of these dastardly terrorists. You’re going to need a blade, a knife, a sharp stick… something to do some stabbing with. Fortunately, there are sharp things lying around all over the place in this particular office space, and there are two ways to get a blade. You can either find a box cutter or craft a glass shiv. Both can be used to perform a lethal takedown.

How to get a box cutter in Countdown

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See those large orange toolboxes on wheels dotted about the place? Each one of those has a box cutter in it, but they’re all locked. However, they can be pried open with a pry tool, and a pry tool can be crafted from binding and metal. The best places to find binding and metal are the two store rooms on the north side of the office. They’re packed with binding, metal, wax, traps, and chemicals — everything you need to craft your very own DIY arsenal of death. Except for glass, but we’ll come to that. For now, get yourself some binding and metal, craft a pry tool, then help yourself to a box cutter from one of the toolboxes.

How to craft a glass shiv in Countdown

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A glass shiv can be crafted by combining binding with glass. There’s plenty of binding in the storerooms on the north side, but there isn’t much glass lying around. You might find some glass in one of the bins, but the easiest way to get glass is to smash one of the interior windows and just pick it up off the floor. This will attract the attention of enemies, but you can either hit them with a smoke bomb and then stab them, or just go prone under a table and laugh as they fail to figure out where you’re hiding.