How to get a Hunter’s Cloak in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8

Living off the land.

One of the challenges on Kakashi’s punchcard in Fortnite is to tame wildlife while using the Hunter’s Cloak. The Hunter’s Cloak was originally introduced back in the Primal Season but has largely fallen out of prominence until now. Some folks may even be surprised the item is still in the game.

To get a Hunter Cloak, players will need to find four pieces of meat. These can be found by hunting any type of wildlife that can be found on the map. Once you have four pieces in your Inventory, just open the Crafting tab and you will see the option to build the Hunter’s Cloak if you click on the meat there.

Another way to get the Hunter’s Cloak is to visit Kakashi himself. He can be found to the west of Lazy Lake town, and north of the small island in the middle of Lazy Lake itself. He will be in the gentle hills that make up this part of the map. He will sell you the Hunter Cloak for some Gold Bars, making it the quickest way to get it.

Once you have the cloak, you can put it on by activating it from the hot bar. Just hold the relevant number key for a few seconds to put it on. It will then have a limited duration before it needs to be activated again, so make sure you are close to wildlife before you do it. After that, just walk up to the wildlife and interact with them to tame them.