How to get a Meat Platter in Valheim

You’ll never be low on health.

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One of the most critical aspects of the Valheim is survival, meaning that players must scavenge for food and resources to stay alive. Fortunately, plenty of dishes are available in the game, providing players with different buffs when consumed. Furthermore, some dishes are borderline overpowered and can be a significant asset in anyone’s journey in the game. One such dish is Meat Platter, which gives the second-highest maximum Health (80) increase just behind Misthare supreme. Naturally, most players will look to cook Meat Platter and use it in their adventures. Hence, we’ve compiled a guide explaining how to get a Meat Platter in Valheim.

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How to cook a Meat Platter in Valheim

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Meat Platter ingredients in Valheim

Before you can obtain the Meat Platter in Valheim, you need to get an uncooked version of it. To do so, you need Seeker meat x1, Lox meat x1, and Hare meat x1. You will be able to find Hares in the new Mistlands biome but remember they are passive creatures that will run away upon encountering you. You’ll also find Seekers and Seeker Soldiers in the same area, who drop the Seeker meat. However, unlike Hares, Seekers and Seeker Soldiers are aggressive creatures that can be hard to eliminate. Lastly, Loxs are located in the Plain biome and are once again hard to defeat.

Once you have the required ingredients, head to a level 5 Cauldron and combine the ingredients to get an uncooked Meat Platter. Finally, put the uncooked Meat Platter in a Stone Oven, which will yield the Meat Platter. As mentioned before, Meat Platter replenishes 80 Health and 26 Stamina, so it’s best to keep a few in your inventory for dire situations.