Fishing in the Swamp in Valheim
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How to get and use sticky bait in Valheim

Sticky Fishing Bait in Valehim is made using regular bait and a hard-to-get monster drop material from the Swamp biome.

To catch Giant Herrings in the Swamp biome of Valheim, you will need a particular lure called Sticky Fishing Bait, foul-smelling worms that herrings favor. Similar to other Fish across the Nordic landscapes, Giant Herrings can be “crafted” into Raw Fish, an ingredient used in Cooked Fish and Fish Wraps. However, the primary reason most adventurers will seek to catch a Giant Herring is for its unique Trophy to place in their base camp’s hall. Fortunately, you do not need any special equipment to enter the Swamp, but getting the materials required to craft Sticky Fishing Bait might be a challenge.

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Crafting Sticky Fishing Bait in Valheim

Fighting Abominations to Make Sticky Fishing Bait in Valheim
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Sticky Fishing Bait in Valheim requires two resources: Fishing Bait x20 and Abomination Trophy x1. Those familiar with fishing will know that basic Fishing Bait is not craftable but is purchased from Haldor, the Dwarven Trader of the Black Forest. He sells Fishing Bait in stacks of 20 for 10 Coins a stack. You can find Coins in Dungeons, Troll Caves, Fuling Villages, and random Treasure Chests. Selling valuables to Haldor is also an excellent source of gold income. On the other hand, obtaining an Abomination Trophy is anything but simple.

While exploring the Swamp biomes of Valheim, you might have encountered Abomination, a massive tree-like monster that feigns as a tree trunk until its prey approaches. Unless you are good at parrying or have a solid ranged weapon, taking down an Abomination can be incredibly difficult, especially for newer adventurers. The damp and watery environment of the Swamp will slow you down, but the massive legs of an Abomination allow it to cover distance quickly and smash its prey into the mud. To take on these ferocious beasts, we recommend finding a vantage point where it cannot reach your position and firing projectiles to gradually kill it. Once you have an Abomination Trophy, you can combine it with Fishing Bait at a Cauldron to make Sticky Fishing Bait in Valheim.

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