How to get a White Passion Lily in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Searching for White Passion Lily could get a bit chilly.

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Have you wondered how to find a White Passion Lily in Disney Dreamlight Valley? As you probably know, collecting many different types of materials is a key point to the game, especially before a big update so you have enough stock before one of your valley’s villagers asks you to find them 15 sticks or something wild. There are more than 40 different flowers at the time of writing in the game. However, you might not know where the White Passion Lily comes in, let’s get into it.

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How to find White Passion Lily in Disney Dreamlight Valley

You might think you’ve seen almost every flower in the game so far, but you will be surprised to know you probably haven’t if you haven’t progressed far in the game’s plot. The Passion Lily family of flowers is not the end of the line, the White Passion Lily can only be found in Frosted Heights as you walk through some of the snowy paths. This location is a bit more expensive to unlock, sitting at 10,000 Dreamlight. You also have to unlock some other biomes before having access to the opening of Frosted Heights.

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If you don’t feel like walking around to see how many of these flowers have spawned in Frosted Heights for the day, a fun trick is going into Furniture mode and quickly having a look around to see where each flower is located if any.

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What can you do with the White Passion Lily

White Passion Lilies don’t seem to be needed much throughout the game, at least not at this time, so if you find yourself having too many you can sell them at Goofy’s Stall for 38 Star Coins. Or you can also do some crafting with them. You can craft the Passion Lily and Houseleek Pot item with only some Flower Pots, Orange Houseleek, and White Passion Lily materials.