What is the Red Potato for in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

Another strange spud appears in the valley.

Screenshot by Gamepur

There are plenty of mysteries that surround Disney Dreamlight Valley. What exactly is The Forgetting? What is the dark power that still surrounds the valley? What is the Golden Potato used for? All of these questions need answers and the devs have been slow to give them. Instead of providing the community with answers, they added another mystery and it comes in the form of a Red Potato. What is the mysterious Red Potato for in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

Can you use the Red Potato in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

There is a strange item that you can find since the Festival of Friendship update was released. Sure, Mirabel can be unlocked by finding her Golden Doorknob but there are more mysteries to solve. You could happen across the Red Potato which is cleverly hidden within the valley in a specific resident’s home.

Screenshot by Gamepur

After downloading the Festival of Friendship update, if you make your way to Remy’s home, you will see that one of the cabinets can be interacted with. If you interact with the cabinet, a mysterious Red Potato will spawn. When you pick it up, the description of the item reads “A weird ingredient found in Remy’s fridge… What recipe could be made from this?”

Screenshot by Gamepur

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This is a strange item to find in a resident’s home to be sure. Currently, there is no known use for the item. Of course, you can’t help but think about the other strange spud that appeared in the game a while back from a code – the Golden Potato. Both items are seemingly unusable but allude to something greater. Perhaps the Red Potato will come in handy at a later point in the game during a quest. For now, the best thing you can do is store the potato in a chest for later use.