How to unlock Mirabel in Disney Dreamlight Valley

An exceptionally unexceptional resident.

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Disney Dreamlight Valley is filled with various characters for you to find. With the Forgetting causing many of your beloved friends to disappear, it is up to you to track each of them. Some residents are much easier to find than others, and some can be found by simply opening a door. Mirabel was introduced with the Festival of Friendship update, and so was her mini-casita. This guide will show you how to unlock Mirabel in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to find Mirabel in Disney Dreamlight Valley

While many believe that Mirabel has a different realm that you can enter, that is not the case. She is actually found in the valley. The first step to unlocking her is to find the magical doorknob that belongs to her casita. This doorknob can be found somewhere in the Peaceful Meadow biome. For us, the doorknob appeared next to the ramp leading to Dazzle Beach.

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Once you find the doorknob, bring it to Merlin and he will tell you how to bring in Mirabel. First, you need to do the following:

  • Take pictures with different villagers
  • Give villagers their favorite gifts
  • Have daily discussions with villagers

These tasks are straightforward to complete and should take little time to do. Once you have done this, return to Merlin, and he will ask you to bring him 500 Dreamlight. This can be gathered by completing Dreamlight Tasks if you don’t already have the amount needed. Dreamlight Tasks can be found in the menu under the Dreamlight tab. You can also get Dreamlight from Dreamlight Shards.

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After giving Merlin the Dreamlight, you will be able to place Mirabel’s mini-casita wherever you want in the village. Despite the name, her home is very large, so make sure you have plenty of room wherever you want to place it. When the home is placed, Mirabel will spawn in at the well in the center of the valley like other characters do when they are unlocked.