How to get and spend vitality in Tower of Fantasy, answered

Time for friendship.

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Once you progress far enough in the story campaign of Tower of Fantasy and get some levels under your belt, you’ll unlock the ability to play multiplayer activities called Joint Operations. You no doubt saw other players wandering the overworld as you played, and some of the game’s best rewards come from taking on its toughest challenges with friends or matchmade partners. Depending on how fast you leveled up, you might not have enough of something called vitality to run Joint Operations. Here’s what this relatively unexplained currency does and how you get it.

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How to get vitality

Vitality is a critical part of the endgame in Tower of Fantasy, but getting it is less than clear, nor is it fast. You accrue one point of vitality every eight minutes, which earns you a maximum of 180 vitality every 24 hours.

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You can check your current total and maximum in the Adventure sub-menu, accessible during play by selecting the middle button in the top right of the screen.

How to spend vitality

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In the same Adventure screen, navigate to the Select operations tab. You’ll see that all the activities there require a vitality expenditure. Your first Joint Operation costs 90 vitality, and the remaining four (Interstellar Exploration, Dimensional Trials, Omnium Beacon, and Spacetime Domain) all cost 30. Once you complete a Joint Operation once, its cost also reduces to 30 vitality.

To complete the “Spend 100 vitality” challenge, you’ll need to do some multiplayer activities. Two Joint Operations or your first Operation and any other activities will be more than enough to put you over the required spent vitality. The Joint Operations are best played with at least four players, but all these activities can be done solo if you choose. The rewards are the same — the effort is not.