How to get and use cardboard boxes in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2

Solid Snake would truly be proud

The new Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 update is all about spies and secret agents where you fight henchmen, infiltrate enemy fortresses, and disguise yourself as them. A notable secret agent in video games comes from the Metal Gear franchise created and developed by Hideo Kojima, where the main character, Solid Snake, used his superior sneaking skills to trick his enemies into letting him pass by them unnoticed. What he used was a highly sophisticated and elaborated, cardboard box, and you can now do the same thing in Fortnite.

You can’t hide in every box. You first need to approach a cardboard box to see if it’s suitable for you. When you approach it you should have the option to hide in it, and if you do, you can then jump into it and hide amongst the contents. While you are hiding the box, you can walk around with it, hiding your presence. When you move around, your legs come out from the bottom, and you can slowly creep across the landscape to try and sneak up on your foes.

There are cardboard boxes you can find in the world, and then there are some you can loot. If you loot a set of cardboard boxes, you receive five of them to you. Hold it and then throw it onto the ground. When you do, you should jump into the box, and you can start sneaking around with it. These boxes are great if you’re able to use them in the middle of a city where they’re reasonably common. Otherwise, a box in the middle of a field looks a little out of place.

Unfortunately, not every skin will be able to hide inside of it completely. For example, the Agent Peely skin has the top of its head sticking out if you wear it and hide inside of the box. You might want to try a test to see if the unique Fornite skin you’re wearing altogether hides inside of the box. If it doesn’t, you might have to be a little creative on how you angle it, so enemy players don’t suspect anything.