How to get and use Gift Wrap in Fallout 76

Get into the holiday spirit.

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The holidays are upon us and that means you can find various holiday-themed items and enemies across the wasteland of Appalachia in Fallout 76. The Holiday Scorched Event is going on which means that you can now defeat Scorched enemies who have dressed up for the holidays and earn some extra special rewards. Of course, if you want to celebrate properly, you will need some gifts and those require Gift Wrap. This guide will show you how to get and use Gift Wrap in Fallout 76.

Where to find Gift Wrap and how to use it in Fallout 76

Gift Wrap is a crafting component that you can obtain in Fallout 76 during the Holiday Scorched event in December each year. During this event, some of the Scorched enemies dress up in holiday-themed outfits and drop special rewards when killed. One of the biggest parts of this event is being able to craft your own Holiday Gifts using Gift Wrap. Of course, you need to get your hands on some Gift Wrap before you can make presents to share with your friends.

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Gift Wrap can be obtained in a few ways. You can either defeat Festive Scorched or purchase it from vendors around the wastelands. There are three types of Gift Wrap that you can get: low-quality, medium-quality, and high-quality. Depending on what quality of Gift Wrap you want to purchase, it will cost you anywhere from 250 to 800 Caps. Luckily, farming Caps is pretty easy to do.

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To use Gift Wrap, you simply need to go to a Tinker’s Workbench. You can make small, medium, and large gifts using Gift Wrap and Adhesive. These gift boxes can be used by players to receive randomized gifts and rare rewards. Holiday Gifts also have a chance to drop from Festive Scorched and can even be collected by Santatrons if you have one in your camp. The larger the Holiday Gift that you obtain, the greater your chance of receiving rare rewards from it.