How to farm Caps in Fallout 76

Own the wasteland with your vast riches.


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If you have played any game in the Fallout series, you are aware that Caps are the main currency that you will use to buy goods across the wastelands. While Fallout 76 has many currency types, you will still need to use Caps to buy yourself essential items in Appalachia. Unfortunately, obtaining the necessary Caps for some items can take a long time. Because of this players have found the most efficient way to farm for this currency.

The best way to maximize your Caps

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To get Caps, there is no doubt that you will need to either search for them or get them from vendors. Vendors have a max of 1,400 Caps that they can part with each day. To maximize the potential of any item you sell, you will want to craft a build that brings your Charisma score up to 15. Along with that, you will want the following perk cards:

  • Hard Bargain This perk increases the amount that you get for selling items and also lowers the cost of items that vendors sell.
  • Travel Agent – Not necessary, but this perk does help limit the amount you will pay for fast traveling while trying to get Caps.
  • Cap Collector – Another perk that is great to have but unnecessary. This perk grants you more Caps from Cap Stashes that you find.

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The best ways to farm for Caps

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There are a few ways to farm for Caps in Fallout 76 with the best way being to sell high-value items to the vendors. There are various high-ticket items that you can craft such as Chems, Mutation Serums, and Food/Drinks. The most valuable item you can sell is a Mutation Serum. One of these will easily get you 450 – 500 Caps. Selling just three of them is enough to clear a vendor of all their Caps for a day. If you are searching for high-value items, you can’t go wrong with Fort Defiance. Collect Straight Jackets from the asylum/BoS fort since they sell for 40 – 50 Caps each.

Another good way to collect Caps is to search for them. Plenty of areas have Cap Stashes that you can locate. Check the following areas for stashes:

  • The buses outside of Whitespring Resort.
  • Inside the main building at the Morgantown Trainyard.
  • On the roof of Big Al’s Tattoo Parlor.

Those are some areas where you are more likely to find Cap Stashes. There are plenty of others in different areas of the game. When searching for Caps, make sure to loot everything that you come across. Doing so will help you rack up the Caps in no time.