How to get and use Kumbhira skin in Final Fantasy XIV

It’s time to get curing, Leatherworkers.

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A staple in Endwalker crafting, Kumbhira skin is one of the primary crafting materials introduced in the latest expansion of Final Fantasy XIV. It is the lustrous hide of a Kumbhira and can be crafted into Kumbhira leather, which is used by Leatherworkers to craft gear, weapons, and even housing items. Here is what you need to know when stockpiling this resource for your crafting projects.

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Obtaining Kumbhira skin in Final Fantasy XIV

Image via Gamepur

Kumbhira skin is dropped by Kumbhira, which can be found along the river near Palaka’s Stand. Players can simply follow the river, killing them along the way before making their way back toward Palaka’s Stand. However, killing the Kumbhira does not guarantee a drop. A more efficient method to gather these skins would be to farm FATEs in the area and use the Bicolor Gemstones rewarded for completing them to trade with certain Gemstone Trader NPCs for the skins.

You can trade with the following NPCs for Kumbhira Skins:

  • Mahveydah (Yedlihmad X:25.8, Y:34.6)
  • Sajareen (Radz-at-Han X:11.1, Y:10.1)
  • Gadfrid (Old Sharlayan X:12.8, Y:10.5)

Do note that Gadfrid’s and Sajareen’s trades require you to reach rank 3 in every Endwalker Shared FATE zone, while Mahveydah’s are automatically unlocked with the vendor. Farming FATEs is the recommended method as it will let you farm Kumbhira skins, level a combat job, and even level your Chocobo companion at the same time. Not to mention, it will put you several steps closer to your Shared FATE achievements.

Alternatively, if you have the Gil to spare, you can always get them off the Marketboard, though you would usually be better off straight up buying the crafted products instead of the materials in that case.

What is Kumbhira skin used for in Final Fantasy XIV

Using 4 Kumbhira skins, 1 Eblan Alumen, and 8 Earth Crystals, players can craft a circle of Kumbhira Leather if they have a Leatherworker at level 86 or higher. The leather is used in a variety of Endwalker-crafted gear and weapons. Its most notable use though is probably the Shoe Rack housing item. You can check out the current list of items you can craft from Kumbhira Leather at The Lodestone database.