How to get and use the Cosmic Sugar Cube in Destiny 2

I’m sweet enough.

Image via Bungie

The combination of The Dawning and the Bungie 30th Anniversary means that Destiny 2 is filled with secrets. One of them is the Cosmic Sugar Cube that some players are finding.

The Cosmic Sugar Cube can be found in the Dares of Eternity event, but it is not easy to come across. The Cosmic Sugar Cube can only be gotten by killing the Treasure Ogre, and this is where it gets tricky. The Treasure Ogre will sometimes appear as the boss during the second encounter, and there is only a random chance that it will drop the Sugar Cube.

If you are lucky enough to have the Treasure Ogre spawn and drop a Cosmic Sugar Cube when it dies, then you need to bring it the Starhorse in Xur’s Treasure Hoard. If you give the Cube to Starhorse, it will give you a Gift In Return.

A Gift In Return can contain all manner of loot and from the event pool, and it should drop at a little bit of a higher Power than usual. This is an incredibly rare item, however, so don’t worry if you need to grind quite a bit to get it. You will already be grinding a lot just to get the Forerunner Catalyst, anyway.