How to Get Animal Companions in Far Cry 5

Far Cry 5 is the latest game in the series from Ubisoft. In the game, you bring all the usual explosions and destruction that the series is known for to rural Montana. In real life, Montana is a beautiful and picturesque place, filled with wildlife. Because videogames are awesome, you can team up with various creatures who will help you out on your journey. It’s like an R-Rated Disney adventure come to life!

There are three different types of animal companions in the game, and once you have unlocked them all you can switch between them using the “Fangs for Hire” tab in your menu screen. You can choose between a dog, a bear, and a cougar, and all of them have different patterns of behavior. It is up to you to decide which animal is most beneficial to use for different circumstances.

How to Get Animal Companions

All three animals companions are unlocked in different ways.

Boomer (Dog)

After you have freed Dutch’s Island from the lunatics of Eden’s Gate, a dog icon will appear at the Pumpkin Farm. Go there and you will get a quest called “Man’s Best Friend”. Complete this quest, and free the dog, and you will have access to Boomer. Boomer is a tactical Goodboye, automatically tagging nearby enemies. He can also disarm them, perform stealth kills, and bring you ammo.

Man's Best Friend
Man’s Best FriendTL;DR Games • Fair Use

Peaches (Mountain Lion)

When Dutch’s Island is free from the grip of Eden’s Gate you can travel to the northwest corner of the map and speak with Miss Maple to get the “Peaches Taxidermy” quest. Complete the quest and bring Peaches home to unlock her as a companion. Peaches can perform stealth kills, and her presence will also serve to keep wolves away.

Peaches Taxidermy
Peaches TaxidermyTL;DR Games • Fair Use

Cheeseburger (Bear)

Heading for the bear icon on to the north-east of Dutch’s Island will get you the “Right to Bear Arms” quest. To get the quest, you need to destroy the Cult Outpost, then talk to Wade Fowler. Complete the quest by rescuing Cheeseburger from the Linero Building Supplies site and you will unlock him as your companion. Being a bear, stealth is not Cheeseburger’s strong point. He is very tough, and can easily mess up a whole group of enemies on his own.

CheeseburgerTL;DR Games • Fair Use

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