How to get blue ice in Minecraft

Blue ice blocks in Minecraft are pretty “cool.”

Holding a Block of Blue Ice in Minecraft

Screenshot by Gamepur

If you are looking to construct an igloo home or frozen castle that cannot melt in Minecraft Survival Mode, consider using blue ice blocks as the primary building material. Similar to packed ice, this frosty block is unable to thaw, allowing you to create a winter icehouse in the middle of an arid desert. Moreover, its surface is exceptionally slippery, which is perfect for creative builders to make an ice skating rink in their home base. Alternatively, the blue topaz color of the blue ice blocks offers an appealing azure shade that can be used to create many types of decorations.

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Finding blue ice in Minecraft

Finding a Natural Blue Ice Structure in Minecraft
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There are two primary ways to get blue ice blocks in Minecraft. The first is finding naturally generated blue ice in frozen ocean biomes near snowy beaches. Blue ice can appear at the bottom of icebergs beneath the icy structures’ packed ice, or they spawn as their own random arrangements of ice. For instance, we found a unique arching structure wholly made of blue ice separated from the icebergs of a frozen ocean. The color of blue ice is noticeably different from packed ice, featuring more contrast in its hue with less grayish white. 

You can also discover blue ice inside the chests of snowy tundra village houses or in the available offerings of wandering traders in Minecraft. However, the likelihood of these sources providing blue ice is low. Therefore, you are better off searching for frozen ocean biomes instead. 

Crafting blue ice in Minecraft

Crafting Packed Ice into Blue Ice in Minecraft
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You can also craft blue ice in Minecraft using nine blocks of packed ice, a material found in abundance in frozen ocean biomes. However, whether you are collecting blue ice directly or packed ice as crafting material, your tool must be enchanted with Silk Touch. The best way to get Silk Touch is by doing business with a Librarian Villager and resetting his profession until he gives you the enchanted book with Silk Touch. After using an anvil to enchant your tool, you can get packed ice or blue ice from frozen oceans in Minecraft.