How to get Camping Furniture in Final Fantasy XIV

Did somebody say roadtrip?

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A fantastic complementary piece in the latest set of outdoor housing items, the Camping Furniture is every adventurous Warrior of Light’s dream, allowing players to set up a campsite in their own backyards. Like the Camping Tent, it requires a rare material to craft and can be sold on the Marketboard. Here is how you acquire Camping Furniture.

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What you need to craft Camping Furniture

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Players will need a level 90 Carpenter in order to access this recipe. The crafting materials required are as follows:

  • Weathered Pipe x1
  • Integral Lumber x8
  • AR-Caean Velvet x4
  • Riviera Lunch x1
  • Wind Crystal x8
  • Ice Crystal x8

The Weathered Pipe is a submarine voyage exclusive item, and will most likely be the hardest material to obtain. Sending your Free Company’s submarine on the Sirensong Sea 4 voyage will give you and your Free Company members a chance at getting this elusive reward, as it is not a guaranteed reward from clearing the voyage.

Players can acquire the Integral Logs needed to craft Integral Lumber from gathering at the level 90 Ahm Nohl botany nodes in Ultima Thule. Another thing worth noting is that these nodes occasionally yield Timeworn Kumbhiraskin Maps, which can be sold on the Marketboard for a tidy sum of Gil if treasure hunting is not your thing.

AR-Caean Cotton Bolls are a staple crafting material that can be harvested from the botany nodes around Reah Tahra. It is advisable to gather them in bulk, as they can be used to craft a variety of gear and furnishings. Like the previously mentioned nodes, these nodes will also yield Timeworn Kumbhiraskin Maps. Once you have gathered the AR-Caean Cotton Bolls, craft them into AR-Caean Velvet, or have a Weaver friend do it for you.

The final crafting material of note is the Riveria Lunch, a level 56 Culinarian craftable that can easily be bought off the Marketboard for a relatively cheap price if players do not wish to go through the tedious process of gathering the base materials and crafting it.