How to get the Camping Tent in Final Fantasy XIV

This new housing item lets you set up camp in your own backyard.

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Camp outside with your friends with the Camping Tent, one of the new craftable outdoor housing items introduced in Final Fantasy XIV. Be warned, this simple-looking furnishing can be hard to acquire for some players, especially if you are into crafting your own furniture. Here is how to make your very own Camping Tent.

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How to craft the Camping Tent in FFXIV

Image via Gamepur

Players will need to be a level 90 Weaver in order to access this recipe and have the following crafting materials:

  • Weatherproof Cloth x1
  • Snow Linen x5
  • Almasty Serge x6
  • High Durium Ingot x5
  • Lightning Crystal x32
  • Wind Crystal x32

Snow Linen can be crafted by Weavers using Snow Flax from the level 85 Liminal Station IV botany gathering node in Garlemald, while the High Durium Ingot is a basic level 82 recipe for Blacksmiths and Armorers. Almasty Serge is slightly trickier to obtain despite being a level 82 Weaver craft, as it requires a mob drop, Almasty Fur. Players will either have to devote some time to farming Almasty mobs in Garlemald or farming FATEs so that they can trade in Bicolor Gemstones for the fur.

Where to find Weatherproof Cloth

The trickiest material to acquire, however, is the Weatherproof Cloth. This elusive material is exclusive to submarine voyages, meaning that it is not something a single player can grind for in a short amount of time. Players will have to be in a Free Company with a Rank 95 Submarine and then send the submarine out on the Sirensong Sea 3 voyage. Even then, getting a Weatherproof Cloth will not be guaranteed, as there is a chance that players will get one of the other possible rewards for clearing that voyage instead.

Unless you or a friend have a Free Company dedicated to their submarines, you are most likely better off buying the Weatherproof Cloth off the Marketboard and crafting the tent with your gathered materials. Of course, you could buy the tent off the Marketboard if you have the Gil to spare, but buying the cloth and crafting the tent is far more economical in most Data Centers.