How to get Character Portrait Effects in Dead by Daylight

Give your characters a custom look.


Screenshot by Gamepur

You can customize many things in Dead by Daylight, including Survivors and Killers. However, something that’s only glimpsed in the final moments of a Trial, the Character Portrait of your chosen character, can also be changed. This guide explains how to get Character Portrait Effects in Dead by Daylight, so you can show off how far you’ve gone with your favorite Killers and Survivors.

How do you get Character Portrait Effects?

Image via Behaviour Interactive

At the time of writing, you can get only one type of Character Portrait Effect in Dead by Daylight. This Effect applies a bloody background to the Character Portrait and even changes their face, splattering it with blood. The only way to get this was by reaching level 3 prestige with a character before the mid-Chapter update for Roots of Dread was released. Behaviour Interactive hasn’t confirmed if players will ever be able to get this Effect again, so it could be exclusive to the Roots of Dread Chapter. The bloodied Effect is automatically applied to the characters you reached prestige level 3 with, so it doesn’t look like you can swap between the base version of the Character Portrait and the new one with the Effect applied to it.

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It’s currently unknown if Behaviour Interactive will introduce new Character Portrait Effects for future updates. However, given the number of customization options that exist in the game, we believe it’s likely. These may end up being linked to higher prestige levels, such as level 100, or could be handed out based on prestige levels before another mid-Chapter update in the game’s future. Considering the number of free rewards that players can claim through codes, some Effects may be released around the time of in-game events too. Since the first Effects had to be earned, it’s unlikely that Behaviour Interactive will place new ones behind a paywall in the shop either.