How and why to prestige in Dead by Daylight – Is it worth it?

Let’s start again from the beginning.

Dead by Daylight lets players level up their characters, whether they are survivors or killers, through the bloodweb. As you continue to level up your character you may reach the point where you have the option to prestige. Once you reach level 50, you have the chance to run it all back and start from level 1. While the cost is great, the rewards may be greater.

Activating the prestige

Bloodweb with prestige option

After leveling up a character to 50, there will be a special gem in the center of your bloodweb that is used to activate the prestige. While activating it will give you a new bloody cosmetic as well as a chance for better perks and items for your character, it comes at a cost. Once you prestige, you will lose all items, add-ons, and offerings in your inventory. Your character will lose all of your perks that you acquired and will only have one starting perk slot. Any teachable perks you purchased, however, will remain available.

Why should I prestige?

Once you reach level 50, there is no more tangible progression for your character. While purchasing all of the items in the bloodweb is possible, there is nothing else to gain. Activating the prestige will give you a higher chance of finding even better items in the bloodweb. Along with that you can make your character even bloodier earning the shirt with your first prestige, bloody pants with your second, and a bloody face for the third. And, of course, you get a small icon to show off your dedication.

Prestige icon on Dwight with bloody shirt

Is it worth it?

If you are a dedicated player, you will most likely make up for the lost items soon after. However, casual players who don’t want to continue the grind may be better off leveling up their other characters instead.