How and Why to Prestige in Dead by Daylight – Is it Worth it?

Prestiging takes a lot of work in Dead by Daylight, but it’s worth it for the benefits that players can get from it on a character.

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Dead by Daylight lets players level up their characters, whether they are Survivors or Killers, through the Bloodweb. As you continue to level up your character, you’ll reach the point where you have the option to prestige. This is a tough decision to make though, because of the pros and cons around it, which is why we’ve put together this guide to help you understand how and why to prestige in Dead by Daylight and if it’s worth it.


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How to Prestige in Dead by Daylight

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As you work your way through each page on the Bloodweb with a Survivor or Killer, you’ll gain levels. Levels on Killers and survivors don’t reset each month, so you can progress them over time as often as you want and when you want to. Once you hit level 50, you can’t progress any further. All you can do is refresh the page for more of the same items. To prestige, you need to complete the new node in the center of the level 50 Bloodweb page. An update from the mid-Chapter update for Roots of Dread altered the cost of prestiging to 20,000 Bloodpoints. This will reset the Killer or Survivor level back to Bloodweb level 1, but the next Bloodweb you complete has a better chance of giving you rarer items. You also won’t have lost any of the perks, perk slots, add-ons, items, or offerings you’ve unlocked in previous Bloodwebs.

What Does Prestiging do in Dead by Daylight?

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You can push the Bloodweb up to level 50 with any Survivor or Killer. However, once you hit level 50, you can either continue to refresh the page for a top-tier selection of perks, items, add-ons, or to prestige. By maintaining the level 50 Bloodweb page, you guarantee that you’ll get top-tier items from it and can be the best-kitted Survivor or Killer possible.

When you prestige, the Bloodweb resets back to level 1, but you have a better chance of getting rarer items from the Bloodweb as you progress through it once more. You’ll also get a cosmetic item for the Killer or Survivor you prestige, making this one of the only ways to get cosmetics by using Bloodpoints.

Another benefit of prestiging a character is that for every Bloodweb page from that first prestige onward will have an auto-complete button. This will automatically purchase the cheapest items in the Bloodweb until it’s complete. It frees up time between Trials and ensures a steady flow of items without needing to put in too much time thinking about the optimal path. We use this on our favorite characters, and we’ve never had an issue running out of the items we need.

Is Prestiging in Dead by Daylight it Worth it?

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You can prestige a character up to 100 times. Teachable Perks are unlocked for Prestige levels 1 to 3, then bloody cosmetics are unlocked at prestige levels 4 to 6, and, finally, Perk Charms are unlocked at prestige levels 7 to 9. The cosmetic rewards gained from each prestige are a nice addition to your collection, but they’re far from essential.

However, the slow improvement to your Bloodweb each time you prestige means that you’ll eventually end up with so many items for your Survivor or Killer that there’s no match you can’t win. It requires a lot of effort and Bloodpoints, but we believe it’s worth it for anyone that plays the game regularly.

Now that you no longer lose any items by prestiging, it’s worth doing so as much as possible. You’ll earn better perks and items from the Bloodweb and work your way through the best rewards in the game. Of course, the ones you want are the Perk Charms and cosmetics so you can show off to the players just how great you are at Dead by Daylight.

How to Get Perk Charms in Dead by Daylight

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Every Killer and Survivor has three unique perks. These appear as Perk Charms that you can equip once unlocked. You’ll earn them for hitting prestige levels 7, 8, and 9. They contain the icon for the perk on a purple background to indicate how rare and special they are, showing off your dedication to that Killer or Survivor.

How to Unlock Character Portrait Effects in Dead by Daylight

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Character Portrait Effects are exclusive to those that reached the third level of prestige with any character in Dead by Daylight before the Roots of Dread mid-Chapter update went live. The portrait in the final game will differ from the image above because the character in it will also appear to be bloodied. It’s unclear if Behaviour Interactive will offer these to players outside of this window of time.

How to Get Prestige Icons in Dead by Daylight

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Prestige Icons will appear on your Character Portraits once you prestige a Killer or Survivor. There are 100 levels to work through, so you’ll be grinding for a while before you hit the highest number possible. The best thing about these is that they display at the end of a Trial for all players to see and know how much effort you’ve put into every character you own.