How to Get Close-Range Kills in Destiny 2

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If you’re anything like me, you’re trying to reach Vanguard rank 50 with Commander Zavala right now to complete your Moments of Triumphs in Destiny 2. To maximize your efficiency, you’ll be picking up all the daily bounties that Zavala offers. A common request from the stalwart Vanguard Commander is to get Close-Range kills during strikes.

Look ‘Em In The Eye

How to Get Close-Range Kills in Destiny 2
Close-Range Kill BountyTL;DR Games • Fair Use

The particular bounty requiring the Close-Range kills is called Look ‘Em In The Eye and is sold by Commander Zavala for 250 Glimmer, like every other bounty. His bounty inventory resets daily so you may not always encounter this particular offering.

How to Get Close-Range Kills

You might think that melee kills count as Close-Range kills, but you’d be wrong. In Bungie’s infinite wisdom, they have deemed Close-Range kills to require death by a weapon of some sort. Thus, you could equip a high fire rate submachine gun such as the Mini Mida Multitool and get right up in the enemy’s face before pulling the trigger. That’s neither an efficient nor a safe way to go about it, however.

Your best choice of weapon to use when collecting Close-Range kills is a sword. These power weapons will allow you to one-shot most enemies and in many cases collect more power ammo from their deaths. You’ll want to focus on killing weaker enemies that can be dispatched quickly and en masse. Ideal scenarios are swarms of Thrall that rush you, and you can easily record multiple Close-Range kills in quick succession. Just be careful not to do this to Cursed Thralls, or you’ll be in for an unpleasant surprise.

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