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How to get coins fast in Cult of the Lamb

Fill up your collection plate.

To be able to run a cult successfully in Cult of the Lamb, you need plenty of Gold coins. These are the primary form of currency in the game and will be crucial for your progression. Although you’ll accumulate coins by playing the game, it’s generally not the best approach. Instead, you can take a few simple measures to get coins faster in Cult of the Lamb, and these steps are mentioned below.

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Selling Items

Throughout your journey in the game, you’ll obtain several items that will aid you in different aspects of the game. Whether as a building material or consumables to grant different perks, you’ll always find a use for these items. However, occasionally it’s better to sell these items, especially those not required for immediate use. Selling items will yield coins; the rarer the item, the more coins you will get.

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One of the better items or resources to sell in the game is fish. In the game’s early stages, you can only hope that the fish you catch is rare. However, once you trigger Ritual of the Ocean’s Bounty, the chance of you landing rare fish will increase.

Getting coins from followers

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As you progress in the game and your cult becomes bigger, you’ll be able able to demand coins from the members. However, you’ll need to establish a few doctrines beforehand to take money from followers. Furthermore, ensure that the followers’ faith remains high as it will prevent the cult from crumbling.

Complete boss fights

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A no-brainer, but defeating bosses in the game will arguably yield the most coins. Of course, tackling bosses can be difficult and might consume a lot of time; however, the rewards you get for defeating the boss are worth every effort.

Turning Gold nuggets into coins

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You can convert Gold nuggets into coins through workstations in Cult of the Lamb. Nuggets are generally easy to find and a good source for obtaining coins. Although you only get five coins per seven nuggets, the quantity accumulates over time, and you’ll find yourself with many coins.

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