How to get and maintain Faith in Cult of the Lamb

Be the best leader.

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In Cult of the Lamb, you need to take several steps to ensure your cult stays intact over time and the members maintain their Faith. Having a high faith within your community will grant you different perks, while low Faith will result in members becoming unstable, which can ultimately lead to collapsing of the cult. In this guide, we list different methods you can use to get and maintain Faith in the Cult of the Lamb.

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Daily Sermons

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Preaching Sermons is an integral part of increasing your cult’s faith. You can conduct a sermon once daily, so try to make the most of it. Keep in mind you can only deliver sermons in the temple, so you need to build one early on.

Daily Blessings

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Like holding sermons daily, you can bless your cult members once per day. To bless a cult member, simply interact with one of the followers and select the hand icon to grant blessings. Each time you give blessings, it increases their Faith and their loyalty.

Handing Gifts

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Free gifts are always appreciated, whether in real life or in-game. Throughout your journey, you’ll obtain necklaces and trinkets, and you can give these items to your followers as a gift. Handing gifts to your followers regularly will increase their Faith, and your cult will remain stable.

Providing basic necessities

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As the cult leader, you must provide basic amenities to your followers. You need to give them food regularly and provide beds to rest. Furthermore, the quality of the food and the beds you provide will also affect the Faith of the cult members. Hence, ensure you give the best quality food and regularly repair the beds.

Complete Follower Quests

Sporadically, the followers in your cult will approach you with a quest. Completing the quest in a given period will increase loyalty and Faith. It’s also worth noting that declining the quest will decrease Faith. Hence, there is no reason to decline a quest, and you should always try to complete them.