How to get Competitive Points in Overwatch 2, and what they’re used for

Ready to queue for some competitive games?

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For those who plan to jump into competitive Overwatch 2 games, there are a lot of small changes to this game that make it significantly different from the first Overwatch game. Fewer shields are appearing, there are less overhealing, and far fewer opportunities for the enemy team to land CC abilities against you or critical team members. A common thing players in this mode will regularly see popping up is Competitive Points. Here’s what you need to know about Competitive Points and what you use them for in Overwatch 2.

What to do with Competitive Points in Overwatch 2

Competitive Points (CP) are awarded to Overwatch 2 players who win competitive games. Every time you win a game in competitive mode, everyone on your team receives 10 CP, but if you and your enemy team come to a draw at the end, everyone earns three CP. The losing team will not receive any CP, so if you plan to grind out these points, winning is the fundamental way to do this.

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Outside of winning in competitive mode, you can earn CP by your rank in competitive. Your ranking in Overwatch 2’s competitive mode will vary based on your queue for the games. For example, you can have a Silver ranking as a Tank, a Diamond ranking for your Damage characters, and Platinum for your Support characters. You can also receive a competitive ranking for entering the Open Queue, which gives you any of the three roles to select when you start a game.

These are all the competitive rankings and how much CP you earn from each rank at the end of every Overwatch 2 season.

  • Bronze: 65 CP
  • Silver: 125 CP
  • Gold: 250 CP
  • Platinum: 500 CP
  • Diamond: 750 CP
  • Master: 1,200 CP
  • Grandmaster: 1,750 CP

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Although you can regularly earn CP by playing competitive games, doing well and ranking up in Overwatch 2, and ending the season with higher ranking rewards, you have the most significant chunk of CP. However, you can’t use these on every in-store item or cosmetic skin. Instead, they’re available for Gold Weapon skins you can buy for your favorite heroes. These cost 3,000 CP for any Overwatch 2 hero.