How to get CP in Call of Duty: Mobile

We wish it was easier.

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Getting CP (COD Points) allows you to customize your soldier to your liking in Call of Duty Mobile, but it doesn’t come for free. Here’s how to get CP for Call of Duty: Mobile.

Sadly, getting CP points is exclusively monetary. They are earned either through the battle pass or by buying them outright. When purchasing the battle pass, you can earn back the CP you have used to gain it, plus a costume, emotes, weapon skins, and more if you fully complete the pass.

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CP cannot be earned in-game, nor through the free daily crate, but you can get rewards in other ways. If you’re desperate and have an Android device, you can fill in surveys through the Google Opinion Rewards to gain credit on the Google Play Store. The number of surveys available will depend on your region. For example, in Canada, you only get one survey once in a blue moon, while someone from a major U.S. city would likely have much more available to them.

Back to Call of Duty: Mobile. You can gain new weapons, killstreaks, and other bonuses by plowing through your player levels. For example, you can get the M21 EBR sniper rifle at level 22.

Second, you can earn free rewards at the Lucky Board by watching ads. On the top left of the main menu, you should see a purple tab with the word “Rewards” in white lettering. Once you’re on the lucky board screen, go to “Watch an Intel Briefing To Win.” After watching an ad, you’ll gain a lucky coupon that can be used to gain different weapon skins, a new camo suit, or a weapon XP card. You may also get some currency that can be redeemed at that dedicated lucky coupon store.

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In addition, there are free events that take place throughout the year. For example, Call of Duty: Mobile has a holiday-themed BR event on Christmas Eve 2021 that will net you some prizes. At this time of writing, the game also features a special event called Snowball Scuffle, which can gain you rewards for completing tasks like “Deal 2500 damage in Snowball Scuffle Matches.” Weapon skins for the MW11 pistol and Locus sniper rifle are offered.

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Keep a vigilant eye on the events that Call of Duty: Mobile offers. They will give you rewards without having to pay for any content. Once again, you cannot earn CP in-game as they’re solely available for monetary means, but there is a way to unlock new skins to make your soldier look awesome on the battlefield. To have the greatest time in Call of Duty: Mobile, we recommend following the best graphical settings possible while earning these rewards.