How to get Crowmon in Digimon Survive

Maintain aerial superiority with this long range lightning-dealer.

Image via Bandai Namco

Crowmon stands out as one of the earliest Ultimate Digimon you’re able to recruit in Digimon Survive. Of course, as a Mobility type monster, Crowmon is more than capable of easily moving around the battlefield and securing high ground with their fantastic Vertical Movement score. Beyond that, they deal good lightning damage over extremely long range with their Savage Emperor special attack. Just be wary of enemies that deal fire damage, as that’s Crowmon’s biggest elemental weakness by far.

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Screenshot by Gamepur

How to befriend Crowmon

To befriend Crowmon, you need to negotiate with them during a battle. The earliest we were able to do this was in Part 6 of the story, at the Free Battle location in the Second Island Area. Your goal is to answer Crowmon’s questions in a way that helps them relate to you. It seems like the best answers tend to be contradictory to the questions. If you’d rather avoid any guesswork, though, the best answer for each possible question is as follows:

QuestionBest Answer
Looking at innocent monsters really puts your heart at ease, doesn’t it?Not for me, nope.
How do clouds in the sky look to you?Makes you think, huh?
I’d like to avoid a pointless battle, if possible.Then let’s retreat.
If your friend was off causing trouble, how would you deal with it?I’d protect my friend.
Is wanting quiet time to yourself such a crime?I prefer fun.
Sometimes you should act on emotion instead of logic, don’t you think?Efficiency is the key.
What would you do if someone told you an idea you believed in was incorrect?Get annoyed.

Once you answer enough of Crowmon’s questions correctly, you’ll have the choice to either ask for items or befriend them. The latter option comes with a high chance of failure, but since this is a Free Battle, you have the option to try again as often as you want. There’s also a good chance that negotiating with Crowmon in a later part of the game will give you better odds at success.