How to get Data Cells in Deep Rock Galactic – and what they do

Keep an eye out mysterious rival tech.


Image via Ghost Ship Games

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With the first two seasons of Deep Rock Galactic introducing a rival faction of machines to the tunnels of Hoxxes IV, one of the best ways to get all your seasonal rewards has been to spend your time fighting with dangerous rival technology. One of the most valuable resources you can receive from these (often particularly difficult) encounters are the mysterious Data Cells.

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Data Cells are awarded for completing certain special events around Hoxxes IV. These events are all centered on dealing with some sort of rival technology, which was introduced in Season 1. Both the Rival Signal event and the Data Deposit event will award you a Data Cell when you successfully complete them. You will also receive a Data Cell for destroying Prospector Drones. Note that the related Industrial Sabotage missions will not give you Data Cells on their own, but they do have a good chance of spawning events that do.

With the arrival of Season 2, there was increase in the amount of available seasonal rewards. One of the ways this was implemented was by increasing the number of Data Cells that give you Scrip. Previously, you would receive one Scrip for each of the first 10 Data Cells retrieved from missions. Now you will receive one for each of your first 15 Data Cells. In addition, you will receive 1,250 Performance Points for each successfully recovered Data Cell, as well as 250 credits and 350 experience, both of which are multiplied based on the hazard level of the mission.

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