How to beat the Nemesis in Deep Rock Galactic

Don’t let this robot lure you to your doom.

Image via Ghost Ship Games

Season 2 of Deep Rock Galactic brought plenty of new features to keep players busy and caves dangerous, from new minerals, to random events, and a new outfit for when things just don’t go your way. It also introduced a terrifying new foe that’s determined to put you and your squad out of commission: the Nemesis.

Screenshot by DoubleXP

Before you even come face to robotic face with a Nemesis, you might notice it’s nearby because of its misleading sounds. The Nemesis will make the sounds of other dwarves in an attempt to lure you toward it. On top of that, it has powerful digging capabilities, meaning it doesn’t have to traverse existing tunnels to hunt you down, and will instead burst through a wall with little warning.

Screenshot by DoubleXP

While fighting a Nemesis, your best bet is to keep a wide distance from it. This is because its most dangerous attack is a grab attack with a surprising reach. Additionally, the Heightened Senses perk is extremely useful for breaking its grasp, even though it will still deal quite a bit of damage. If you do manage to avoid the grab attacks, it will fire waves of energy at long range, but these are much easier to avoid.

When you finally take down the Nemesis, you still have one more thing to watch out for, though. After a brief pause, it will release waves of mines in a huge radius that deal massive damage. If you can lure the Nemesis to a more spacious area, this can help mitigate some of this, as long as you’re fast enough to run away once the encounter ends. Otherwise, do your best to stay calm and dodge the mines one by one.

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