How to get Demon Rock in Wild Hearts

You must farm a demon.

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Demon Rock is one of the rare crafting materials you will come across in Wild Hearts. It’s necessary to help you create armor and weapons from a pair of Water elemental Kemono, the Deathstalker, and Icetusk. Learning how to farm this material is crucial, as these armor sets are the best chance of surviving against the final boss of the campaign. This guide will explain how to get Demon Rock in Wild Hearts.

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Where to find Demon Rock in Wild Hearts

Demon Rock is an end-game variant of a crafting material called Lightstone. This item can only be found in one location, which changes its name based on which chapter you select on the world map. To start farming this material, you must head to the snow-covered mountains of the Frozen Fort in Chapter 3 or Fuyufusagi Fort in Chapter 4. These locations are identical, but their names will change based on your selected chapter. Once you’re here, you can begin your search. To begin, this is the mineral you want to look for in the image below.

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Once you reach this area, you can look for the orange gems covered in black ore littered around the open world of this icy domain. As it’s considered a mineral, it will be located near rock walls or grow out of cliff faces as you climb them.

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Follow the map below for the best three Demon Rock spawn locations. To farm this mineral repeatedly, we suggest fast traveling to the chapter 3 version of the starting campsite, running to the areas above, and then traveling to the same place in chapter 4 to force these rare gems to respawn consistently. Running this loop can earn you about 12 Demon Rock a run.

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We also recommend you construct a Tsukumo Ore Shrine. You can unlock this Dragon Karakuri in the Karakuri skill tree tab of the menu screen. If you build these in your camp, your little mechanical pets will gather Demon Rock for you. Take advantage of their help to make some great Water infused armor and weapons.