How to get Lightstone in Wild Hearts

Blinded by the light.

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Lightstone is a Wild Hearts armor material that can only be found in the cold northern mountains of Azuma. Lightstone is essential for crafting armor and weapons that feature the Water element and the Freezing ailment. It can also be tricky to find as it blends in with the snow-covered environment, and a blizzard can occasionally obstruct your vision while searching for it. This guide will explain how to get Lightstone in Wild Hearts.

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Where to find Lightstone in Wild Hearts

In order to find Lightstone, you must head to the snow-covered mountains and abandoned fortress known as the Frozen Fort in Chapter 2 and Chapter 3. This region’s name changes to Fuyufusagi Fort in Chapter 4, and this version of the region replaces Lightstone with Demon Stone. So always make sure you travel here with Chapter 2 or 3 selected in the bottom left corner of the map. All the orange ore nodes in this region will grant you Lightstone when you mine them. The image below is exactly what you should keep an eye out for.

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These ore nodes are scattered around the map, so stick next to cliff walls and rock faces to mine them. If you want to farm this precious resource passively, you’re in luck. We recommend you construct a Tsukumo Ore Shrine. You can unlock this Dragon Karakuri in the Karakuri skill tree tab of the menu screen.

If you build two or three of these on the map, your little mechanical pets will gather all of this map’s ore for you. This is a great way to farm Corestone and Lightstone without having to spend a great deal of time running around the map. Once you collect their ore, you can wait a few minutes as they fill up their coffers and grab more Lightstone repeatedly.