How to get Discord on PlayStation 5

Fans of Discord might be a bit disappointed.

Image via Discord

Discord is one of the most beloved PC and mobile methods for voice communication, typing in chat, and accessing additional content in a community.  For years, its user base has remained one of the biggest on the internet, and its popularity continues to thrive. However, console users have been left out for years due to no support on Nintendo or PlayStation consoles, with limited support on Xbox consoles. Each company has their own methods of communicating that they want to keep their userbase on. That being said, would the release of the PlayStation 5 turn things around?

Unfortunately, there is still no Discord functionality on the PlayStation 5 as of this writing. There is no official app, and even methods of accessing the chat rooms on PlayStation 4 via the web browser have been removed as the PS5 has no official functionality for a web browser. Simply put, there is no way to access any Discord functions on the PS5.

If there is ever an official Discord app released on the PS5 store, or if Sony decides to bring back the web browser, we will be sure to update this article with the needed information.