How to get Dragon Breath in Blox Fruits

Unleash the power of the dragon and dominate the seas.

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In Blox Fruits, Dragon Breath is one of the most popular fighting styles due to its high damage output and versatility, but how can players obtain this powerful style, and is it worth investing? This Blox Fruits guide explains how to get Dragon Breath and weighs its pros and cons in battle.

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How to unlock Dragon Breath in Blox Fruits

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Dragon Breath is one of the easiest fighting styles to get in Blox Fruits. You only need 1,500 fragments, which you can earn by completing raids or other activities. Once you have the required fragments, go to the second sea and find the factory behind the Colosseum in the Kingdom of Rose. From there, head towards the big wall in the middle, and in one of the windows, you will find Sabi standing.

Talk to him; a pop-up will appear to purchase the Dragon Breath fighting style for 1,500 fragments. Once you purchase it, it will automatically be equipped and will be in use. It’s worth noting that once you purchase the fighting style, you don’t need to purchase it again if you switch to other fighting styles. To switch back to Dragon Breath, just talk to Sabi again in the second sea or at the Castle in the third sea.

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Should you get Dragon Breath in Blox Fruits?

Whether or not to get Dragon Breath in Blox Fruits depends on your playstyle and preferences. Dragon Breath may be a good choice if you enjoy close-ranged combat and want a style with good damage and range. Its low price and ability to hit multiple enemies also make it a viable option for grinding.

However, Dragon Breath does have its drawbacks, such as being slow and easily countered, making it less effective against ranged weapons. High mastery requirements may make it difficult for lower-level players to use it effectively. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide if Dragon Breath fits your needs and style of play in Blox Fruits.