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10 Best fighting styles in Blox Fruits, ranked

Discover your fighting style and dominate the game!

Whether you’re a seasoned pirate or new to the game, knowing the best fighting styles in Blox Fruits can make all the difference in your battles. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 fighting styles in the game, ranked for their effectiveness and versatility. So, if you’re ready to take your combat skills to the next level, read on to discover the ultimate fighting styles in Blox Fruits.

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What are the best fighting styles in Blox Fruits

10. Water Kung Fu

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Water Kung Fu is a first sea fighting style with a decent range, fast click speed, great damage, and various AoE moves useful for farming. You can easily get this fighting style for 750,000 from the Water Kung Fu Teacher. Water Kung Fu requires prediction and is not ideal for PvP. The Deadly Shower move requires aiming skills, and the Steam-Charged Fist comes with some ending lag.

9. Dark Step

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Dark Step is a versatile first sea fighting style with AoE moves, high damage when Overheat is activated, and is the cheapest fighting style. To get this style, you can learn it from the Dark Step Teacher at the cost of 150,000 beli. It has the slowest click speed among all fighting styles, vulnerability during the Barrage move, and is super slow in PvP, making it unsuitable for fruit mains.

8. Dragon Breath

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Dragon Breath is a powerful fighting style with some great advantages, including a Dragon Rush that can stun opponents and deal bonus damage if the first hit lands, a Dragon Explosion with a large hitbox, and a Dragon Flames that is helpful for knocking back enemies and starting combos. Also, obtaining it is easy as you can purchase it from Sabi. However, it is quite slow and close-range, making it easy to counter against ranged weapons.

7. Electric

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Electric fighting style has an Electrical floor that is great for combos and can stun the enemy for the entire duration, and an Electrical Tackle that offers good mobility and is helpful for traveling. You can purchase it for 500,000 beli from the Mad Scientist. On the downsides, it has slow moves, a small hitbox for the Electrical Tackle, and, importantly, the inability to damage Rubber users.

6. SuperHuman

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SuperHuman is a powerful fighting style that excels in Raids, thanks to its Beast Owl Pounce that can stun bosses, and is good for travel due to its mobility moves. However, it is expensive and time-consuming to obtain, costs 3,000,000 beli, and you need 300 mastery on Water Kung Fu, Electric, Dragon Breath, and Dark Step. The style is also not ideal for grinding, as its moves hit only one enemy or have a lot of knockbacks.

5. Sharkman Karate

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Sharkman Karate is a fighting style that has a quick and balanced attack style, making it a great choice for players who prefer fast, close-combat gameplay. To get the style, you need to complete a few things and then purchase it from Daigrock, the Sharkman. Remember that it can be challenging to hit moving opponents from far away, and the Pressure Vortex’s range is mediocre.

4. Dragon Talon

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Dragon Talon boasts big hitboxes and high damage, making it a formidable fighting style. Its Ember Annihilation can curve and carry enemies away, while the Talon Lighter and Infernal Vortex break Instinct. However, it is not very mobile, and its moves have a medium start-up time with significant end-lag. Getting it is also a bit grinding, but once you get it, it is one of the best things you can have in Blox Fruits.

3. Death Step

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Death Step is the upgraded version of Dark Step with all its AoE moves, high damage when Maximum Overheat is activated, and is suitable for both close and mid-range combat. You can get this style easier than some other styles in Blox Fruits. However, it has a slow start-up time, and its moves are easily punishable by players with good reflexes.

2. Electric Claw

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Electric Claw is a popular fighting style in Blox Fruits due to its high damage per click, fast clicking speed, and auto-aiming Thunderclap and Flash moves. It’s perfect for Buddha due to its low end-lag. You can get this style fairly easily by completing a simple quest. Electric Claw style does require high mastery and has knockback moves that aren’t ideal for grinding. It can also be countered by air camping. 

1. GodHuman

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GodHuman is considered the best fighting style in Blox Fruits, with powerful moves like Soaring Beast, Sixth Realm Gun, and Holding Heaven and Earth. However, getting this style is one of the most grinding tasks in the game, as you need to master all other styles for it. GodHuman is also not suited for grinding. Despite these downsides, GodHuman is a strong fighting style that requires skill and strategy to use effectively in combat.

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